Padel has taken the world by storm and is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. CCTP recognises this trend amongst its members and visitors and is rapidly expanding its Padel court facilities. The Club currently boasts 4 floodlit courts to suit the growing demand for this fun racket sport. We also offer private or group lessons, group mix-ins of all levels as well as social and federated tournaments throughout the year.

The Club also offers a Pay and Play option for guests who wish to play on a more casual basis. Be aware this game is seriously addictive, yet fun and sociable, as it requires a team of 4 players. Padel has become a hugely popular addition to our Club.

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Luís Silva

All levels coach, certified by the International Coaches Institute, APE and RPP. Besides coaching, Luís trains to accomplish his goal of becoming a professional Padel player.

Manuel Mariano

Manuel is an all-levels coach and physical education teacher. He is certified by the Portuguese Federation of Padel, and enjoys teaching private and group lessons to improve the technique and tactical aspects of padel.