Qi gong 

Qi gong 



Level: Easy
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A key to your vitality

Exists already in China for 4000 years and is part of the traditional Chinese medicine, one of the oldest self-healing systems. The exercises do work directly on the meridians and on the inner organs. Qi means « energy » or « breath » and Gong means « work ».

The Chinese people do practice every day to prevent and heal diseases and create balance in the body, mind and emotions. In Chinese medicine exists truly only one disease which is the imbalance between Yin and Yang. So we can directly influence this imbalance with Qi gong exercises. This energy work consists mostly of movements combined with breathing techniques, self-massages-techniques, standing and walking meditations where you get directly in touch with your own Qi.

The daily practice can lead over time to well-being, emotional calm and clarity of the mind.