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Yearly Family Membership: 5% discount on 2nd family member.
Membership renewals and new members: 50% discount to be used in lessons within a 1 month period as from date of renewal of the Yearly Membership.


  • Small extra charge for artificial grass courts of €4.00 per hour.

  • Unlimited use of hard courts, multi-sports court and Mini tennis court .  

  • Participation in all weekly activities free of charge except for a nominal ball fee

  • Participation in Club ranking free of charge

  • Discount on individual lessons

  • 50% discount on group lessons 

  • Discount on all drinks at the bar

  • Discount on racket strings

  • Various discounts on pro-shop articles

  • Free use of the pool, trampoline, table football and table tennis


  • All members have the right of unlimited use of the tennis courts. However, during busy periods when demand exceeds the number of courts available, 1 hour is allowed for single games and 2 hours for doubles. After the allotted time period is over players can reserve the next free court

  • Bookings may only be made 1 week in advance.

  • If guests play with a member then 50% per guest of the hourly court fee is charged for a singles match and 25% per guest for doubles matches.

  • Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis accepts no liability for loss or damage to members’ property.

  • All players play at their own risk.

  • Any damage caused by any player to Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis property must be made good by the person responsible.

  • Tennis members should notify the club when there is a change of address, e-mail or telephone number.

  • Tennis members should keep their payments updated, e.g. group lessons should be paid at the beginning of each block, private lessons, bar and restaurant bills should be paid right away.

  • All tennis members should respect the tennis etiquette and spirit of fair-play, not only in Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis but also in other clubs.