Gabriele Guhr



Born in Germany in Marburg/Lahn 1963. At the age of twenty she got first time into contact with Japanese «Martial Arts» 1983, where her long journey started to become a teacher of Chinese and Japanese martial arts, and also Asiatic wellness and healing techniques. In 1993 she met her teacher of Iyengar Yoga and got attached there as well and made a formation end of the 90ties.

The final decision being a fulltime practioner of Wellness Techniques was made in 2002, when she visited for a year a school for Naturopathie; she made her education of « Wellnesstrainer » including Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, relaxation and Qi Gong in the « Sportsakademie Dr. Lee Duisburg» in Germany, under the Grandmaster Meiko Yuen Lee who is a Vice Worldchampion in Martial Arts like Kung Fu and has also a Wellnessakademie.

From 2004 -2010 she worked already in the Algarve, then she worked 5 years in the south of France, where she learned Taji quan under the Koreen Master Dr. Yung and since 2016 she is back to the Algarve.